LaToya is an Online Project Manager who helps busy entrepreneurs streamline their processes and get their creative ideas out into the world. She gets excited about timelines, due dates and clear plans. She has over a decade of project management and consulting expertise and a knack for translating project needs in a way that makes them understandable and executable. With a foundation in learning and development, business operations, process improvements, and new products she uses her skills in project management and digital marketing to specialize in managing program launches driving efficiency and results.
I'm a Disney Song-Obsessed Homebody who believes that time is a lot more valuable than money. I also believe that all humans really want are real connections and the key to those connections is through your own confidence. Once you've got that, you can express yourself freely and connections are more easily made to create experiences that'll forever be cherished.
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Michelle McClintock is a highly effective Transformational Coach & Energy Healer who specializes in working with women to help them shift their energy to live a more harmonious and vibrant life. She has an uncanny ability to quickly identify the blocks that are holding you back in life and business and help you break through them. She draws on her years of experience to create real and lasting healing and help you elevate your life!
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We do everything "right" in our lives and business but we still feel stuck, unmotivated and exhausted. Find out how elevating your energy and lowering your energetic stress can help you feel focused, find clarity and finally move forward.

I am the woman who will not compromise when it comes to skin care, your beauty needs or you! As a wife, mother and business owner I know all too well what it means to be busy and back burner yourself.  I opened my business with one thing in mind...YOU!  I will not skimp on quality or integrity when it comes to servicing every individual that I was meant to serve. You deserve luxury. You deserve quality. You deserve comfort. You deserve to be taken care of and pampered. Oh How Beautiful provides this for you in the highest degree of excellence.

For a decade I have worked to perfect the way in which the mission and the message of Oh How Beautiful is carried out.  When the moment arises and you are ready to recharge, put yourself as a priority and reward yourself come receive service that is a cut above traditional industry standards.

Erin Massengale is a Healer filled with wisdom, honesty, keen insight and a healthy serving of humor and sarcasm. She will keep you on your toes as she guides you through your health journey using ancient healing modalities which guide busy women to glowing health by replenishing their energy, restoring their spirit and enhancing bodily function.

She is a graduate of Michael Tierra’s East West School of Planetary Herbology. Trained in Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Western Herbalism and Inca Shamanism, chronic Illness, infectious disease, metabolic disease, human microbiome therapies, auricular therapy and other therapies. Founding member and Herbalist at the East West Free Clinic for the Homeless and underserved and Treasurer of the Greater Bay Area American Herbalist Guild Chapter.

Ancient Traditions Healing




¡Hola! Kami is your Linguistic Mama Diva and Spanish Mama Mentor. She is a busy mom of four curious, active and BILINGUAL children aged 8, 6 and 4 (twins).  Kami’s decades of work in language and cultures shows she has a vested interest in the construction of identity with bilingualism.  She is PASSIONATE about languages, but most importantly, she is passionate about YOU and YOUR FAMILY using Spanish right away, everyday.



Finding my true calling

I have some health issues that run in my family.  My husband is a heart attack survivor, two of my children are hyperactive, high blood pressure, diabetes, obesity, cancer, you name it, someone in my family has probably had it.  As a result, over the last 2 decades, I have researched ways to keep me and my family healthy!  Using that research and my passion to help people (busy moms mostly!) find ways to eat better, lose weight, and keep their children healthy, I have partnered with a wonderful company and become a health coach.

It is a process, not an overnight change, which is why I don’t say healthy.  I had picked up quite the spare tire around my midsection and even shocked one of my friends because of my petite frame and only 5’4” tall could have over a 36-inch waist.  My weight wasn’t the problem, the location I carried it was.  I love to ride my bike, and worked out at the gym multiple times a week but wasn’t having any luck losing that spare tire.  I made the choice to take my body back with a great line of supplements, and though I am still a work in progress I can happily say I have dropped down to just over 32 inches in my waist.  Helping others do the same is such a reward, and it has been fantastic to see the changes!  Better moods, better sleep, less chronic pain, pounds lost, inches lost!

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I'm Imani Aieshah. A straight-shooting, plant-based-eating, living to laugh out loud, Wife & Mompreneur! As a native New Yorker, born and raised, who lives in North Carolina by way of Atlanta, I’ve got that southern hospitality wrapped up in a New York state of mind! 

So what do I do?
I help married couples get out of their own way and get the "more" they desire from their marriage. As a Marriage Coach, I guide you to how to communicate in ways you were never taught, ways that will increase and maintain true intimacy in your marriage. 
I’m here to open your eyes to what’s possible in your marriage.  You got married to feel connected to someone else, to go through the highs and lows together, right? So, I’ll leave you with a question:
What would it mean to you to have the kind of closeness you crave in your marriage every day?
The Busy Spouses' Guide to More Time Together
Chandra Brooks is a wife, mother of four, Author, and Entrepreneur.  Born and raised in San Jose, CA her passions are women empowerment, social justice, improving voter outcomes and civic engagement in communities of color.  
She is also an appointed Commissioner of The Santa Clara County Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, Chair of the Justice and Advocacy Committee and elected Delegate for The California Democratic Party. 
In 2013 Chandra received the Portrait of Success Award from the Hispanic Development Corporation and in 2014 the Activist of the Year Award from Latinos Action Media (LAM). In 2015 Chandra was named one of the Most Influential Women in Silicon Valley from The Silicon Valley Business Journal and inducted into the East Side Unified High School District Hall of Fame and in 2016 named Women of the Year from 100 Black Women of Silicon Valley and Latina with Vision Award from New York Life. Then in 2017 received the Leadership Award from The California League of United Latin American Citizens. 
In 2017 Chandra Launched The SocialPreneur, a purpose driven business that prepares potential candidates to get ready to run for political office and mentors women to own their power and leadership within their company, business, and/or community. Paired with a book titled, Black, Brown & Political: Get Informed, Get Empowered and Change the Game. 
Since the launch of The SocialPrenuer Chandra has been featured in the Huffington Post and Modern Latina Magazine and dozens of online web shows and podcast highlighting the message of Civic Engagement and Women in Leadership. 
To learn more about Chandra Brooks you can go to her website:
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Simpli Wisdom has been in business since September 2013 and recently relaunched in March 2017. With 3 new fragrances and offering a scentless body butter the new year has gotten off to a phenomenal new start. Simpli Wisdom now offers Lip Balm and a vegan butter upon request. The owner of Simpli Wisdom; Veronica E. James, is a service-connected disabled veteran enjoying a hobby that became an entrepreneurial passion. Looking forward to offering the opportunity to other veterans, homeless veterans, and disabled veterans wanting to learn a new trade and become entrepreneurs. Simpli Wisdom offers samples just by emailing SimpliWisdom@gmail.Com your address, phone number and which butter you would like to sample. Feel free to contact Simpli Wisdom at (813) 448-6413 for more details or stop by and visit SimpliWisdom.Com looking forward to simpli making your body happy. FOLLOW SimpliWisdom => on Facebook